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    An AI-powered dog collar that gives your dog a ‘voice’

    AI-enabled voice recognition technology to analyze emotional well-being with physical activity tracker
    A proprietary algorithm in combination with a database of more than 10K bark samples from 50 breeds of dogs in four different sizes to detect and determine emotional status
    Backed by research and testing conducted by Seoul National University, the most prestigious university in South Korea

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    Managing your pet’s 10-15+ year lifespan together

    Building a community of pet lovers, supporters, pet health care industry professionals
    Providing pet health care professionals with more accurate health and emotional data
    Serving all our loving dogs with care and love

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    Device Features

    • Dimensions: 2” length x 1.3” height x .70” depth (50 mm X 34 mm X 17 mm)
    • Weight: Just under 1 ounce / 25 grams
    • Two Strap Sizes: sizes 15. 75”(40 cm) and 31.5” (80 cm) with an adjustable strap
    • 3-color Backlit Display with a power button, microphone, LED lamp, reset button and USB charging portal
    • Battery Life: 8-10 hours on a single, full charge
    • Waterproof (IP65)
    • Wi-Fi pairing in house: 15 feet (5 meters). Tethering to the owner’s phone for outdoors
    • Apps: iOS version 11 or higher, Android version 4.1 or higher
    • Multiple patents-pending, including ‘Methods and Devices for detecting emotional status’ and other pet related design.

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    Available in five colors: orange, turquoise, blue, hot pink and green. Detachable and interchangeable.
    Two Strap Sizes: sizes 15. 75” (40 cm) and 31.5” (80 cm) are available.
    Your best friend will always fit the mood with unique color combination!

The Petpuls Smartphone App

The Petpuls collar pairs via Wi-Fi with our iOS or Android smartphone app,

which displays and tracks your dog’s emotional status and physical activity.

Device Setup Process 1. Start

Device Setup Process 2. Select Device

Device Setup Process 3. Connection

Main Page


Emotion Graph

Activity Graph

Search Pet Friends

My Favorite Pet Friends

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    ‘Farewell to Cookie,’ Ludia’s Story

    I wish that we could have known ‘Petpuls’ earlier. With Petpuls, Cookie would have been treated better in proper ways.
    Cookie left me last year after 14 years of happy life with me. My family has wonderful memories and stories together
    with Cookie. Cookie was interested in everything, sniffing, biting, playing with, and pretending she was a queen
    in the house. However, Cookie often behaved strangely and became very moody. Later we found that Cookie had some
    internal bleedings and other health issues. I regret for the fact that I did not know immediately when Cookie was
    crying with pain, when was barking. But now I am a believer that, with this technology, I can be a better mom
    for the next time. Soon, I will start a new life of ‘Susie,’ with Petpuls at home. I am confident that we will
    know better each other. I promise to Susie that I will listen carefully when she barks.

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    ‘Raising a Different Kind of Family’

    Ms. Cho, a chief designer for Petpuls, decided to build a different kind of a family, which was unusual to many
    in Korea. Ms. Cho and his wife decided not to raise their own children, but adopt dogs. However, these dogs were
    different, and were with sever heretic diseases or serious chronic health problems. Against fierce objections
    from immediate family members, Ms. Cho was firm and even moved to Paju, a rural city away from Seoul, to live
    these dogs. Currently Ms. Cho still takes care of 8 year old Bedlington Terrier, ‘Sebrikang,’ who is with
    Copper Toxicosis and, ‘Dungi,’ another three year old beautiful Bichon Frise. Ms. Cho plans to adopt more dogs
    with similar diseases or dogs who were rejected by other families. Ms. Cho particularly finds Petpuls device is
    helpful in terms of engaging more with her dogs. Although not much barking in the house or backyard, for Ms. Cho,
    it seems obvious that when her dogs make some sounds, there are some needs. Based on ‘Emotion Graph’ Ms. Cho
    tries different answers as dogs bark, by offering food, letting them go out and pee, bringing water baskets,
    or just giving the a hug. It seems Petpuls is a small, yet perfect device for Ms. Cho’s family.

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    ‘Coco,’ the best friend for Amy

    “My parents are very busy, working late night. When the school is over, all of my friends usually go back
    to their houses with families, I am usually alone at home and Coco is my only friend. We often play
    ‘Seek and hide’ and Coco is really good at finding me. We take of each other, having fun all the times.
    One day, Coco was really in a bad mood, being angry and frustrated all the time, even though I was
    with her a whole day. I was worried so much and called my mom and said, there was something wrong.
    Petpuls showed 100% frustrated in ‘Emotion Graph.’ My dad actually came and took Coco to a vet hospital
    and found that Coco had ‘puppies’ enteritis.’ Now Coco is healthy and fine and is playing with me.

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    ‘Godot,’ from Fire House

    Sohyung is an Army Lieutenant, serving the Korean Army. Sohyung’s dog, Godot is a retired dog from Korea’s
    Fire Headquarter as a rescue dog. Sohyung volunteered to adopt her after she learned that many of retired dogs
    from fire or police department could not find a proper home to receive much needed care. After spending some time
    together, now, Sohyung is relocated to another military office, which makes her difficult to come back home
    every day because she stays half of week at BOQ. Nevertheless, Sohyung feels safe because she can regularly
    check Godot’s emotions and activities. Whenever there is some irregularities in emotion and activity graphs,
    Sohyung calls parents to look into. Petpuls is a miracle device to bring family collaboration!!

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    Vince (JY) Kim, CEO and Founder

    Petpuls is the life’s mission of founder and CEO, Vincent Kim, who became a dog lover at an early age with his first dog,
    Sunni, a mixed breed that loved him fiercely and followed him everywhere. Early in his career and while completing his
    doctoral program at Korean National Maritime and Ocean University, Kim created an online pet care/sitter service that
    became an instant hit among pet lovers and travelers alike. This success combined with Kim’s love of dogs and technology
    led him to believe he could create an IoT device with AI-driven data to help dog owners better understand their canine
    companions through a unique voice recognition system. Supported by an R&D team at Seoul National University, Kim developed
    Petpuls to unite all dog lovers and their families and create a safe, fun and playful community. Prior to Petpuls,
    Vince co-founded RWave, Inc. the parent company of Petpuls and a pet care service company. Originally created in 2017
    as an AI- and IoT-based project for RWave, Petpuls now exists as a testament to his vision of uniting dog-loving
    families everywhere. In 2005 he founded DIGWave, a company that develops various web-related projects for government
    assignments. He has 20+ years of experience in the ICT sector and ISP industry.

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    Andrew Gil, Director of Global Marketing

    Andrew Gil is responsible for developing long term growth strategies for Petpuls in his role
    as Director of Global Marketing and Strategies, where he focuses on the development of long
    term growth strategies and invests time cultivating meaningful relationships with engineers,
    designers and investors. At Petpuls, Andrew unites his longtime passion for the pet industry
    with the technology sector.

    Andrew has extensive experience in international marketing and education experience and is
    well versed in communication and strategic development. Before joining Petpuls, he held several
    executive positions, including Head Director and Advisor for ST Unitas, the parent company
    of Princeton Review, where he led a successful STEM project along with the Harvard Leadership
    team and Seoul National University.

    Andrew earned his bachelor’s degree in Philosophy and Religion from Whitworth College
    and holds a master’s degree in Theology and Religion from Yale University. He loves to
    spend time with Isul, his one-year-old mixed Dachshund.

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    Company Quick Facts

    •Petpuls is an AI-powered dog collar that gives your dog a ‘voice’.

    •Uses a proprietary algorithm in combination with a proprietary database of more than 10K bark samples

     from 50 breeds of dogs in four different sizes to detect and determine five different emotional states of
     your dog — happy, relaxed, anxious, angry or sad — with an Emotional Recognition Accuracy Rate* of more than 80%.
     *(Source: Seoul National University research and testing)

    •Includes a “My Pet Registration” feature to create a unique profile for your dog, which also includes access to
     the Petpuls Community and a “Pet Favorites” feature, e.g. food, toys and dog friends who are also registered
     as part of the Petpuls Community

    •Founded in 2017 and headquartered in Seoul, South Korea. Additional office in San Francisco.

    •A subsidiary of RWave, Inc., Petpuls is a privately held company with $750K in seed funding raised to date

    •8 employees